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Presentation on “Beautiful Software”

I gave a presentation a couple days ago to the NYC chapter of SPIN — that’s “Software Process Improvement Network” for those of you who might not have heard of it. The presentation was on the topic of “Beautiful Software,” and you can download a PDF version of the presentation by clicking here.

Surprise: the New York Times tell us that “the tech sector is slow to hire”

In 1989, I made my first visit to India, and met with several of the pioneers who were launching the nascent Indian IT industry. I returned subsequently for another visit, primarily to see the IT group in Motorola’s Bangalore facility, which had achieved the world’s first SEI-CMM level-5 rating; on the same trip, I met the senior executives at a little startup company called InfoSys — and as I recall, they were able to squeeze into one conference room. Sobered…Read More

Social networking for innovators

Here’s an interesting idea: an August 13, 2010 article in ICT Results, titled “Social networking for innovators,” suggests that companies should be focusing on networking tools for specific categories of people, rather than the generic-Facebook approach that aims to connect every living person on the planet, along with a few stray cats and dogs. Since most companies prize innovation quite highly, and since “innovation remains a fundamentall mysterious process, often the outcome of unexpected Eureka moments,” why not provide collaboration…Read More

Computerworld’s prediction of “5 indispensable IT skills of the future”

I tend to devour and digest most of my news on the same day that it’s published. This doesn’t always provide an opportunity for serious reflection and contemplation — but news that’s more than a day or two old, in this age of instant-everything, is like yesterday’s oatmeal. It’s like watching re-runs of the Dave Letterman show, even when you know you haven’t seen it before… Fortunately, there are exceptions, and one of them bubbled up to the top of…Read More

Whither IT – a series of prognostications

As I mentioned in a recent blog posting, I’m in the process of shifting my “serious” blogs over to this website, from their previous home at The old site will continue to get updates at random intervals, but mostly about non-technical topics, like the photography that I dabble in, and random social/political commentaries. One of the quasi-serious series of postings that I want to make available here is a 15-part series on the “future of IT,” which I started…Read More

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