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Presentation on “Beautiful Software”

I gave a presentation a couple days ago to the NYC chapter of SPIN — that’s “Software Process Improvement Network” for those of you who might not have heard of it. The presentation was on the topic of “Beautiful Software,” and you can download a PDF version of the presentation by clicking here.

Social networking for innovators

Here’s an interesting idea: an August 13, 2010 article in ICT Results, titled “Social networking for innovators,” suggests that companies should be focusing on networking tools for specific categories of people, rather than the generic-Facebook approach that aims to connect every living person on the planet, along with a few stray cats and dogs. Since most companies prize innovation quite highly, and since “innovation remains a fundamentall mysterious process, often the outcome of unexpected Eureka moments,” why not provide collaboration…Read More

Agile2010 retrospective: Scott Ambler’s “Agile Mythbusters” presentation

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog posting, the recent Agile 2010 conference had 227 sessions, with 180 speakers. Even if I had somehow managed to attend all of them (a complete impossibility, since there often six or seven sessions running in parallel), I wouldn’t have the time, patience, or energy to report on them all. However, there were some interesting ones, and the first one I want to bring to your attention is Scott Ambler’s “agile mythbuster” presentation. Scott is…Read More

Commentary: “Team Releases Tools for Secure Cloud Computing”

I noticed an August 2, 2010 article from the University of Texas at Dallas that should be of interesting to anyone focusing on cloud computing: it describes a collection of recently-released tools to help application developers build more robust and secure cloud applications. The article is titled “Team Releases Tools for Secure Cloud Computing.” The tools basically consist of security features on top of open-source tools that are frequently used to build cloud-computing apps: Apache’s Hadoop distributed file system, Google’s Mapreduce…Read More

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