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Welcome to the Structured Analysis Wiki!

This project represents the ongoing evolution of Ed Yourdon's 1989 tome, Modern Structured Analysis. Until very recently, a revised and updated version was available on Ed's website under the title Just Enough Structured Analysis; if you’ve been redirected from a bookmarked or linked page, we apologize for the switcheroo. You can still download that manuscript in its entirety -- as a PDF -- by going here.

Though the popular adage states, “A good painter knows when to stop painting,” pertinent resource material can be revised, revisited, and improved upon ad infinitum. Just as Just Enough Structured Analysis developed out of Modern Structured Analysis, so too shall this wiki develop of out Just Enough Structured Analysis: over the past few months, system administrators have faithfully uploaded every last chapter and appendix just as it appeared on Ed’s website -- and, with Ed’s blessing, we now hope to see that material change dramatically.

Much has happened since the late 1980s -- e.g., client-server technology, the Internet/Web, wireless computing, the rise and fall of the dot-coms, the growing popularity of object-oriented and component-based technologies, etc. Hence, the decision to make this material available for contributors to edit, amend, and/or delete as they see fit. What's most important is that the information contained herein remains accurate, not the author's name afixed to it. If you can improve upon an idea, by all means, please do!

We have utilized MediaWiki to build this site; if you like this wiki, and feel inspired to make a financial contribution, we would ask that you donate to either Wikipedia or MediaWiki, here. The Structured Analysis Wiki has been optimized for Mozilla-based browsers like Firefox and Safari. Firefox is a fantastic open source brower that you can download for free.

There are those of you who will continue to use the Structured Analysis Wiki as a resource, and that’s absolutely fine; however, please be aware that material is subject to change at any time. You might take a moment to review the General disclaimer and Privacy policy -- available on the bottom of every page -- before diving in.

Happy reading -- and writing!

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